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Round control valve for adjusting air flow and pressure in supply and exhaust ventilation systems

Each valve has a sticker with an air flow setpoint diagram to speed up the commissioning process on site
Suitable for duct pressures up to 1000°Pa
The required air flow is set using the adjusting knob and on a scale located on the outside of the device
Easy pre-installation of servo drive
Housing tightness according to EN 1751 class C

Optional equipment

Servo with potentiometer
Servo drive with mechanical limiters


VFR series round air flow control valves for easy adjustment of air flow and pressure levels in HVAC systems
Smooth adjustment of the air flow level using an adjustment knob with position indicator
Easy pre-installation of servo drive
At minimum set values (valve closed, in position 0), the pressure in the system depends on the resulting air leaks


A diagram with air flow setpoints is available on each valve
Simple retro-installation of servo drive possible


Galvanized sheet steel
A2: Stainless steel

Details and characteristics

The air control valve is supplied ready for installation.
Adjustment knob with position indicator
Continuously adjustable from 0 to 10
Diagram with air flow setpoints


Min/Max servos: Actuators for switching between minimum and maximum air flow setpoints
Proportional servo drives: Drives for continuously adjusting air flow volume

Materials and surface coating

Sheet steel housing
Adjustment knob, valve flap and bearings are made of plastic, flame retardant (V-0) according to UL 94.

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