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Active chilled beams with heating and cooling functions for various ceiling systems. Equipped with 2-pipe or 4-pipe heat exchangers and a tray for collecting condensate in case of a temporary drop in temperature below the dew point.

Recommended for rooms up to 4.20 m high
High heating and cooling capacity with low primary conditioned air flow and low noise level
Low air speed in the service area provides a high level of comfort
Three nozzle options allow you to select the required ejection
Can be equipped with a square decorative panel

Additional equipment and accessories

Automation kit
Black powder coated housing
Heat exchanger with black powder coating
Wide range of powder coating colors from the RAL CLASSIC or NCS catalogs

Active cooling round diffusers, nominal width 600 mm or 625 mm, are equipped with a vertical heat exchanger with a condensate drain pan.


Active cooling diffusers of the DID-R series can be integrated into various ceiling systems, recommended for rooms up to 4.20 m in height
Particularly suitable for installation in continuous suspended ceilings and ceilings with a module size of 600 mm or 625 mm
2- or 4-pipe heat exchangers provide high levels of comfort with low primary conditioned air flow rates
The use of water as a heat and coolant ensures high energy efficiency
Active cooling diffusers with conical jets


Conical supply air jets
Vertical heat exchanger for 2- or 4-pipe systems, condensate collection tray in case the air temperature temporarily drops below the dew point
Heat exchanger pipes are copper, Ø10 mm, without thread, located on the side

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