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Air flow regulator that operates independently of duct pressure. The desired air flow at the throttle body determines the duct pressure required for the respective unit/strand. The VAV unit is based on dynamic volumetric flow measurement and controls the damper position to maintain the required air flow. When a change in duct pressure occurs, such as when other volume flow controls on a branch open or close, the unit compensates by adjusting the damper until the correct volume flow is restored. The required air flow can be provided, for example, in the form of a 0–10 V signal from a room thermostat/CO² sensor in the area where the unit is present.

The minimum and maximum airflow speed can be set at the factory or during installation using a service tool from Belimo or Siemens. The VAV unit is designed to provide comfortable ventilation at temperatures from 0°C to 50°C and relative humidity from 5% to 95% without condensation. A 4-wire cable connects the controller to various room control equipment.


Leo VAV is a complete measuring and control unit that allows you to adjust the air flow in ventilation systems as needed. At the measuring station, the pressure difference is measured using a measuring rod built into the unit. The unit is easy to install in terms of straight ducts and can thus be installed in most duct sections. It fully complies with air permeability class 4 for the valve in the closed position and class C for leakage to the environment. Leo is equipped with a VAV controller from Belimo or Siemens.

Materials and coating

Leo is made of galvanized steel. The measuring unit is made of aluminum. The tubes, nipples and motor housing are made of plastic. Leo coupling rings are equipped with EPDM rubber gaskets. LEV is made of galvanized steel, has mineral wool and a layer of fiberglass as sound-absorbing material. The connecting rings are equipped with EPDM rubber gaskets. The ASN is made of galvanized steel and has an EPDM rubber gasket on the connecting ring.

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