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It is an easy-to-use damper with extremely low noise levels. The device is intended for manual operation only, so proper installation according to the air flow is critical. Note! Drive controlled operation is not possible. The maximum operating temperature of the damper is 100°C

  • Low noise level
  • Easy commissioning
  • Ensures uniform air flow in the duct


Rego-T is available in three different versions.

Height (H) = 50, 75, 100 and 150 mm with only one damper blade. Note! When installing in an internally insulated duct, the dimensions of the 150mm diameter unit must be taken into account as the valve blade protrudes from the valve frame.
Standard design with damper blades moving in opposite directions as shown in fig. 1. 50 mm module.
Standard round spigot design available in size. from and on Ø400 inclusive. Ø1250, marked as D in fig. 2. The shutdown level is maximum 90%. The damper lever is equipped with a graduated scale and can be locked in position with two thumbscrews. The damper blades are driven by a gear. Rego-T is available in other materials and/or sizes on request.


The frame profiles and damper damper are supplied with galvanized steel finish, the gear is made of PBT plastic. Rego-T sizes Ø400, Ø500 and Ø630 with round connecting rings are equipped with EPDM rubber gaskets.

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