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DKW is a perforated duct adapter designed for free-hanging or recessed installation. The system can be adjusted to the required length by combining active parts and plugged ducts. Thanks to the choice of flow pattern, DKW can be used for both sub- and super-heated air and provides an easy installation solution.

Open or built-in installation
Flow Pattern Selection
Length options: 2 m or 4 m
Full length adjustment with plugged ducts
Dimensions: Ø160 – Ø500


DKW has a diameter equivalent to standard duct sizes. The device is supplied with an active length of 2 m or 4 m. The total required length is achieved through the use of plugged air ducts. Blanked ducts and active parts are available as modules with a length of 1 m or 2 m. The parts are connected to each other via connection nipples and a sealed end cap. The DKW is equipped with a suspended beam at the top.

Materials and coating

The DKW is available in galvanized steel sheets in RAL 9003 – gloss 30 finish. Other colors and galvanized versions are available on request.


The various modules connect to each other using the included connection nipples, which are held in place using the included enamel screws. The DKW can be suspended from the ceiling using an M6 threaded rod screwed directly into the square nuts attached to the mounting strip (Figure 4). Adjustable eyebolts for hanging the threaded rod are available as accessories (Fig. 5).

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