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TUB-VAV is an open air supply diffuser designed for rooms with high demands on comfort and design

The diffuser can be mounted on the ceiling away from the wall or installed in a corner between the wall and the ceiling

Ideal for large spaces
Large operating range
Integrated VAV unit
Variable Flow Modes
Available in 2, 4 and 6 meter lengths


TUB-VAV has a removable front panel with LØV perforation. The unit is available with two different flow patterns and lengths of 2, 4 and 6 meters. The ½ curved design is used for installation on an open ceiling, and the ¼ curved design is used for installation in a corner between a wall and the ceiling. TUB-VAV is equipped with a built-in VAV unit and comes standard with MP-Bus.

TUB-VAV is also available with MOD bus, LON, KNX and MOD bus for X-AIRCONTROL. Rear panel available for wall mounting.

The TUB-VAV is prepared for ceiling mounting using four screws with screw slots on the rear panel. The front of the valve is then mounted on the device. If several units need to be installed, the recommended distance between centers is indicated in the diagram. Please see separate installation recommendations for 4m and 6m lengths.

When installing in a branch, a min. 5xDia. distance between the branch and TUB-VAV. TUB-VAV can be mounted directly after bends without affecting the measurement accuracy.

Materials and coating

The front of the diffuser is made of steel with a RAL 9003-gloss 30 finish. Other colors are available on request. The back plate is made of galvanized steel. The dimensions are made of aluminum, and the hoses and nipples are made of plastic. The damper is made of polyester, and the connecting collar is equipped with an EPDM rubber gasket.

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