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X-GRILLE modular

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Aluminum ventilation grille series

Ventilation grilles, made of aluminum, modular design – also suitable for sectional placement

Individual design and simple configuration – more than 3000 options

The variety of designs allows the grille to be used for various applications, from executive premises to warehouses
Quick and easy installation in standard designs with 6 mounting options
Air diffuser for supply and extract air in a wide range of sizes
Can be combined with TROX accessories
Easy replacement of existing TROX ventilation grilles thanks to identical installation dimensions
Convenient selection program
Data sets for processing BIM-based projects

Ventilation grilles are air distribution devices for ventilation and air conditioning systems for supply and exhaust air. They direct supply air into the room. Ventilation grilles with adjustable slats allow you to change the direction of air flow if necessary. As a result, air flows are mixed with good distribution of air jets throughout the room. The ejection level decreases as the air flow decreases, i.e. The air flow speed decreases as the distance from the grille increases. The distance at which the air flow speed reaches a certain value (eg 0.2 m/s) is called the projection distance. As a result of the Coanda effect, a supply air jet from wall grilles located close to the ceiling achieves a greater projection distance than a comparable free jet. Single grilles, grille groups and sections achieve different projection distances. In cooling mode, it is necessary to take into account the deviation of the jet in relation to the working area, which increases with an increase in the temperature difference between the supply air and the air in the room and a decrease in the flow rate. In heating mode, the supply air stream is deflected towards the ceiling. This does not have a negative effect on the air flow rate in the work area, but may affect the overall ventilation of the room.


Ventilation grille for supply or exhaust air
Suitable for comfort zones and industrial areas
An attractive design element for architects and clients with high aesthetic requirements
Mixed air distribution with directional supply of supply air
Fixed or adjustable slats or faces made of perforated sheet steel with different patterns provide a wide range of applications depending on individual requirements
For systems with variable and constant air flow
Temperature difference between supply air and room air from –12 to +15 K
For installation in walls, window sills and rectangular ducts

Detailed description

Energy efficient and improved acoustic air distribution
6 front frame options: S, M, L, A, C, H
Many core options: horizontal lamellas, vertical lamellas and perforations
Extruded aluminum profile fins – adjustable, air outlet fixed straight (0°) or fixed inclined (15°)
Perforated sheet metal construction with the option of round or rectangular holes
Easy installation via hidden screw mounting with or without mounting frame, exposed screw mounting, clamping or invisible installation under putty
Aesthetic frame design, almost completely flush with the mounting surface
Linear look, fixed slats ideal for sectional arrangement
Use of well-proven components
Convenient replacement of grilles thanks to standard mounting sizes

Single grille

Nominal length: 225, 325, 425, 525, 625, 825, 1025, 1225, 1425, 1625, 1825, 2025 mm
Nominal height: 75, 125, 225, 325, 425, 525 mm

Sectional design

Nominal end section length: 950 – 2025 mm
Nominal length of intermediate section: 2000 mm
Other sizes to order

1 Outer frame L

2 A11 Mount (3rd Party Supplied)

3 Core H-F0

4 AG accessories

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