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Suitable for home ventilation
Easy to install
Removable front panel
Documented for BVK static chamber
Polyester soundproofing in box


Custom differential parts are made from galvanized sheet steel. The surface is painted in standard white RAL 9003 – gloss 30.



The BVK comes with a galvanized finish and polyester sound insulation. The pipe has a rubber seal made of EPDM.


Diffusers are designed for comfortable ventilation in all types of houses where balanced ventilation is installed, for example in the hallway. new buildings or renovated apartment buildings. They are designed for standard wall thicknesses with steel beams and one sheet of drywall on both sides.

The rectangular air distributor JBV consists of two parts: a mounting frame with a connection for the supply air duct and a removable front panel. The custom differential bezel requires no tools to install and can be easily removed for cleaning, etc. The differential bezel has separate grooves for control wires and test tubes.


It is recommended to use a BVK static box as it provides better noise reduction as well as control and measurement capabilities. The BVK is a rectangular box with removable sound insulation and a damper that provides access to the connecting air duct. The damper can be fixed in any required position.

BVK is available in two versions: straight and angular. Sound insulation effectively dampens sound and does not release material fibers into the environment. The insulation can be removed for cleaning. The plenum box is equipped with a cable-operated damper and a measuring output for adjustment.

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