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Pegasus Comfort is a wall diffuser with VAV function and heating function.
coil. It is used as a volume regulator and air intake device depending on the needs of the ventilation system. Pegasus Comfort has very good induction, making it suitable for variable air flows.


With heating coil for water heating of intake air
Unique damper function
Large operating range
Belimo MP Bus
Belimo KNX


Pegasus Comfort is a complete measuring and control device for controlling air flows in a ventilation system depending on needs. The measuring station measures the pressure difference using measuring rods built into the unit. The unit is equipped with a VAV LHV-D3 regulator from Belimo. The technical characteristics of the regulator are given in the table below. Full technical documentation can be downloaded from The device has a simple connection and service point on the outside of the box. See Figure 10. Pegasus Comfort has a removable front panel with a choice of LØV or Opus design. LØV has two different throw types: long (L) and short (K). If the Opus model is selected with rotating plastic nozzles, the designation (V) indicates variable air flow. The water side pipe connection comes standard with 1/2″ female threads.

Materials and coating

Pegasus Comfort is made of galvanized steel. The measuring cross is made of aluminum, hoses and nipples are made of plastic. The damper has an attached polyester fabric. The pipe has a rubber seal made of EPDM. Battery made of copper and aluminum. Front panels type K and L are made of steel with a RAL 9010 finish. Other colors are available on request. The front of the V-type diffuser is equipped with Opus nozzles made of ABS plastic, made of steel and in RAL 9010. Other colors are also available, but without an adjustable nozzle.

Pegasus Comfort is installed as a wall diffuser, suspended from the rear of the unit using a threaded rod or strap.

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