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The TLK is a rectangular supply diffuser for wall mounting and is ideal for office spaces where rear air connection is required. Thanks to the choice of front panels, most types of rooms can be provided with a flow structure adapted to the size, width, interior, lighting, etc.


The TLK comes with three removable front panels: two with LØV perforations for short and long throw lengths (K and L), and one with Opus nozzles for variable flow mode (V). Thanks to the adjustable mounting frame between the frame and the front panel, the system can be adapted to the thickness of the wall. The box is equipped with a removable damper, a measuring hole and a polyester sound absorber. Available with rear pipe.


The box should be installed in the groove and screwed to the stud. The adjustable mounting frame must then be placed in place and screwed to the box. Finally, the front panel needs to be put in place.


Various front panel options
Box with damper and measuring output
Removable front panel
Adjustable mounting frame
The box is lined with a polyester sound absorber

Materials and coating

Front panels type K and L are made of steel with a RAL 9003 finish – gloss 30. Other colors are available on request. The front of the V type diffuser is equipped with Opus ABS nozzles, is made of steel and has a RAL 9003 – gloss 30 finish. Other colors are also available, but without an adjustable nozzle. The box comes with a galvanized finish and an internal polyester sound absorber lining. EPDM rubber gasket on connecting ring.

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