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Square exhaust air distributor for installation in modular ceiling systems. It comes standard with a removable front panel with square perforations. Round pattern can be provided upon request. The unit comes standard with a top entry connection, but a side entry connection is also available. In addition, the unit is equipped with a TA flange suitable for T-profile ceiling systems, but is also available with alternative flange designs such as DC, DG, DS and EK (see figure 3 and ordering code).

With Luna static camera

The Luna plenum chamber is recommended for improved sound absorption and functions as a control and measuring unit. Luna is a rectangular box with a removable flap providing access to the connecting duct. The damper can be fixed in any desired position.


The Luna plenum chamber is equipped with a shutter and a measuring output for commissioning. It is insulated with a polyester sound absorber and is available with one or two variations in inlet and outlet sizes. In addition, the box can be supplied with external condensation insulation. A Low Profile [UI] design is also available and for this type the capacity reduction is approx. 20% will apply. The distance between the valve and the box can be increased to 35 cm without lengthening the wire and measuring tube.


Hidden installation
Removable front panel
Suitable for modular ceiling systems
Data provided with Luna static camera
For high air flow rates
Square or round pattern on front
Top connection with plenum box Luna
Side outlet with built-in box

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