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TROX RUS company is a supplier of system solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning.

TROX RUS LLC is part of the TROX group of companies, a global technology leader in the development and sale of components, devices and systems for ventilation and air conditioning. Innovative system solutions, characterized by impeccable German quality and advanced technology, are ideal for both large and small HVAC projects, especially in industrial and commercial construction.

The list of TROX equipment includes:

  • Air distribution devices (air diffusers, ventilation grilles);
  • Air-water systems (passive, active, multifunctional chilled beams);
  • Air valves, tunnel valves;
  • External louvered grilles;
  • Silencers;
  • Fire and smoke dampers;
  • Air flow regulators;
  • Flow control systems for laboratories LABCONTROL;
  • Filters and filter elements;
  • Central air conditioners and air handling units;
  • General ventilation and smoke removal fans;
  • Fans for underground and parking areas;
  • Fire damper control systems;
  • Decentralized ventilation.

TROX components and system solutions in the field of centralized and decentralized ventilation and air conditioning are suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects. They are used in office centers, laboratories, factories, sports centers, hotels, museums, airports, train stations, tunnels and ships. For more than 10 years of successful work in Russia, TROX RUS has implemented a significant number of projects in different cities and climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

Over the years, the geography of supplies has expanded significantly and today includes the republics that are members of the Euro-Asian Economic Union: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Today, TROX equipment is used in many Russian buildings, including the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Moscow City complex, the Moscow Hotel, the Krylatskie Hills Business Park, the De Luxe Ritz Carlton hotel on Tverskaya, IKEA and MEGA stores in St. Petersburg , shopping and entertainment center “European”, stores of the international METRO chain, the building of the Moscow Arbitration Court and many others.

TROX RUS is always ready to provide customers not only with modern and high-quality products, but also provide technical support at all stages of the project. The company pays special attention to the level of qualifications of its employees. Technical specialists regularly undergo advanced training courses, so customers can always stay informed about the latest TROX developments and innovations. In addressing the challenges facing our customers, we try to do everything possible so that they can get the maximum benefit from TROX products.

TROX Company History

The TROX Group traces its history back to 1951, when the brothers Heinrich and Friedrich Trox founded Gebrüder TROX GmbH or “TROX Brothers” in Neukirchen-Fluin (Germany).

With just seven employees, the company develops and begins producing ventilation grilles in a 110 m2 garage in the backyard of the house. Making ventilation grilles was quite a bold decision in 1951, since people needed apartments, cars, refrigerators and fashionable clothes much more.

Few people cared about air quality. On the contrary: smoking chimneys were actually considered a sign of economic growth. And yet the company began to develop rapidly. Already in 1954, a new factory and administration building were needed to meet growing demands.

In 1959, Heinrich Trox visits the USA. Impressed by the high standards of HVAC and the very efficient production processes, he decides to start mass production of ventilation components. In 1959, Heinrich Trox’s sons, Heinz and Klaus Trox, joined the company.

With the help of highly qualified specialists from a wide variety of technical fields, TROX develops new products and ultimately becomes the undisputed leader in Germany. Demand is growing rapidly and requires ever larger production areas. In 1961, a plant was built in Anholt, near the German-Dutch border.

It soon becomes clear that the German market has become too small for the increasingly growing business. TROX decides to begin international expansion. In 1962, the first international subsidiary was established in England.

In 1963, subsidiaries were opened in Austria, Italy and France, in 1966 in Spain and in 1967 in Belgium. Meanwhile, a research and development center was built in Neukirchen-Fluin, whose laboratories for acoustics, fire protection, air flow technology and filtration technology are still among the best of their kind in Europe.

Production is no longer limited to ventilation grilles, but also includes ceiling diffusers, silencers, filters and fans. In 1969, Heinrich Trox initiates the transition to the next generation and appoints his two sons as managing directors of the company.

After the death of Heinrich Trox in 1970, Heinz Trox continued the globalization strategy begun by his father. In 1970, the first subsidiary outside Europe was created in South Africa, and just a year later the TROX plant in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) began operations. TROX becomes the first German company in the field of ventilation and air conditioning with a production site outside of Europe.

Demand in the UK also increases and TROX opens another plant in Thetford, which begins operations in 1971. In Germany, in 1972, a new administrative building with research laboratories is erected to create better working conditions for employees in Neukirchen-Fluin.

In order to more effectively exploit the potential of the South American markets, TROX opened a sales office in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1975. The immediate success led to the construction of another TROX plant overseas a year later, this time in Curitiba (Brazil).

In 1981, TROX Hong Kong was founded, the first subsidiary in Southeast Asia. In the same year, subsidiaries were opened in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

TROX is not only expanding internationally, but also continues to develop innovative products that set new standards in the field of ventilation and air conditioning. One example is the first temperature-sensitive motorized airflow control device, released in 1981. In 1988, the first active chilled beam was launched onto the market. In addition, new air/water systems, automation systems and the LABCONTROL control system for laboratories are being added to the product range. By the end of 1989, TROX had received or applied for approximately 160 patents, clearly demonstrating the company’s innovative potential.

After the death of Klaus Trox in 1988, his brother Heinz Trox became chairman of the board. At that time, TROX GROUP already employed more than 2,000 employees, about 1,200 of them in Germany. The growing success both in Germany and abroad required the construction of a new plant, which was opened in Goch (Germany) in 1982, and the expansion of the administration building in Neukirchen-Fluin in 1989.

Eastern European markets are becoming accessible. Between 1991 and 1995, sales offices and subsidiaries are opened in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Poland. In 1991, Heinz Trox founded the Heinz Trox Foundation to secure the future of TROX and the jobs of its employees.

In 1994, a new company slogan was created, which is still used today: TROX – the art of air control. In 1995, a Malaysian plant opened in Seremban, which from then on would produce equipment to serve markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Around the same time, a distribution network was established with production service bases in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Europe, TROX GROUP acquires HESCO Pilgersteg in Switzerland, thereby strengthening its leading position in Europe.

At the end of the 1990s, more than 2/3 of TROX GROUP’s turnover was generated outside Germany. By this time, TROX is no longer just a supplier of components, but begins to supply complete systems.

In 2000, TROX GROUP’s turnover exceeded DM 500 million for the first time. At this time, the company employs 2,700 employees. The opening of TROX Australia finally makes TROX GROUP a truly global player, as it now has subsidiaries on five continents. In 2006, Heinz Trox became the sole owner of the company and its name accordingly changed from Gebrüder TROX or “TROX Brothers” to TROX.

The construction of a huge 15,000 m2 production facility just for X-CUBE air handling units is an important step towards becoming a complete systems supplier. In 2011, the plant in Anholt, near the German-Dutch border, began operations. TROX can now offer its customers virtually all components and complete systems for ventilation and air conditioning from a single source.

TROX today

In 2012, a new office building is being built in Neukirchen-Fluin, which uses geothermal energy and is equipped with TROX equipment, created with the latest technology, making it the most energy efficient.

Also in 2012, TROX acquired TLT-Turbo from Siemens. The company is located in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) and will later be renamed TROX X-FANS.

TROX GROUP continues its expansion into other countries. Between 2010 and 2013, four new subsidiaries are opened in Turkey, Mexico, the Netherlands and Qatar.

The latest addition to the TROX GROUP is TROX HGI (formerly HGI), responsible for the important area of system integration and service. Megatrends such as sustainable resource use, health and climate protection are becoming increasingly relevant. TROX responds to these trends, the goal of which is to produce environmentally friendly and clean comprehensive solutions for health and quality of life in indoor environments.

Even after 2029, sustainable development and climate protection will remain the most important challenges facing humanity. TROX has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2040. Through our approach to sustainability (keyword “carbon footprint”), we take responsibility for the environmental, economic and social concerns of our shareholders.

Our core strategy in the area of products and systems is to consistently develop further from a supplier of components and systems to a supplier of complete industry solutions.

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