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Wester_m 20.03.2024

This is a joint development of TROX and liNear for more convenient design. This is a fast and reliable way to obtain data on components or TROX central air conditioners and use them for Revit and AutoCAD applications.


The browser receives data about TROX components via an interface from our Easy Product Finder. Simply select the product type using the X-BIM CAD browser. Next, create the required configuration using the EPF GUI and send the configuration data to the X-BIM CAD browser.

It takes just one click to transfer any selected component data from the X-BIM CAD Browser to your current project in Revit or AutoCAD.


For configurable X-CUBE air handling units, the data transfer process is similar. Contact a TROX specialist to obtain the data file for your project. Enter data into the X-BIM CAD browser. Your X-CUBE model is ready for integration with your Revit or AutoCAD project.

The X-BIM CAD browser is available for free use. Download the browser here and get started right away!


Download X-BIM CAD Browser V1.10.0 (Revit 2018-2022)

Download short guide X-BIM CAD Browser

Download X-BIM CAD Browser V1.12.0 (Revit 2020-2024)

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