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Compact automation kits for variable flow controllers (VAV), with configuration interface and communication bus

The controller, differential pressure converter and servo drive are located in one housing
Air flow values Vmin and Vmax are programmed at the factory
Ideal for use with distribution board or control panel
Changing parameters is possible using configuration devices
Suitable for constant and variable air flows as well as for Vmin / Vmax switching
Network communication possible via MP-bus or LonWorks interface


Electronic flow controllers of the Compact series are compact, full-featured devices for VAV flow control units
Dynamic differential pressure transducer, electronic controller and servo drive are located in one housing
Depending on the option of setting the control signal, the required value can be used for various operating schemes
Signals from room temperature controller, BMS system, air quality controller, etc. allow you to set the required flow rate
Priority control via switches or relays
The actual air flow value is output via a linear electrical signal
Controller parameters are set at the factory
No additional configuration required at installation site

Provided that standard air filtration requirements are met, ventilation systems do not require additional dust protection. Since the air flow partially passes through the pressure transducer to measure the actual flow rate, please note the following:

When indoor air is contaminated with heavy dust, appropriate exhaust air filters must be used.
If the air is contaminated with lint or sticky particles or if it contains aggressive media, the Compact Series controllers cannot be used

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