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Microprocessor controller providing high efficiency and precision control and easy installation and commissioning (plug and play)

Control system for maximum comfort in laboratories, clean rooms, hospital wards and office areas
The ideal solution for servicing a complex of premises using a single source
Fast control of fume hoods, regulation of flow and pressure of supply and exhaust air in accordance with actual demand
Software with interactive interface, commissioning wizard and Bluetooth adapter driver
Easy connection using signal cable with connectors
User-friendly control panels and a wide range of functions allow you to implement individual operating modes and control strategies
Control and monitoring of fume hood operating parameters in accordance with the requirements of the EN 14175 standard


The EASYLAB TCU3 microprocessor controller is designed to regulate air flow in fume hoods, supply and exhaust air flow in laboratories, as well as to work together with air flow regulators
For use in laboratories, clean rooms in pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing, operating rooms, intensive care units and office spaces with increased requirements for precision and efficiency of air control
Fast and stable control of air flow from fume hoods, as well as supply and extract air flows
The fume hood control system is tested to meet the requirements of 14175 Part 6 for all types of fume hoods
The controllers can be used individually or in combination with other controllers included in the room service system
System solution for regulating indoor air flow (flow balancing)
For rooms with exhaust ventilation, such as laboratories
For rooms with fresh air ventilation, such as clean rooms
Wide range of options providing additional control of indoor air flow
Room or duct air pressure control using cascade (differential pressure/flow)
Communication with the building control system using a 0 – 10 V voltage signal or via expansion modules with standard LonWorks, BACnet or Modbus interfaces


Communication system with automatic identification of controllers, no assignment of network addresses to system components required (plug and play principle)
The modular structure of the system allows you to expand its functionality
The electrical connection block and the display for displaying the system status are located outside the controller housing
An individual control panel for the fume hood and indoor air controller allows you to maximally adapt the system to the requirements of a specific project
Monitoring of operating parameters, alarms, and special configurable functions allow the system to be tailored to the requirements of a specific project.
Continuous monitoring of system operating parameters and the status of all connected sensors
A distinctive feature of the system is the ease of commissioning, changing settings and diagnosing faults
Centralized setting and continuous display of settings (room air control function)
EasyConnect software provides interactive navigation and configuration of system parameters (including remotely)
The system is tested and configured at the manufacturer’s factory, taking into account the requirements of a specific project

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