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QLE SERIES air supply for comfort zones

Compact in height, small-sized diffusers for displacement ventilation

Nominal width 1000 – 1500 mm, nominal height 150 – 750 mm
Air flow level 15 – 340 l/s or 54 – 1224 m³/h
Perforated plate, square pattern
Connection to rectangular ducts
Top or bottom duct connection
Flow equalizer (perforated sheet steel basket)
Removable front panel

Additional equipment and accessories

External surfaces painted according to RAL CLASSIC


Displacement ventilation diffusers deliver air from the air conditioning system at a low velocity and close to the floor. The low-turbulent airflow creates a cloud of fresh air that covers the entire floor. Convection from people and other heat sources causes a cloud of fresh air to rise upward, thereby creating comfortable conditions in the work area.

This economical form of draft-free ventilation is also suitable for use in large open-plan rooms with diffusers installed at the same distance from each other.

Displacement ventilation is characterized by low air flow velocity and low turbulence. The air quality in the work area is very high.

Displacement ventilation with air supply close to the floor is suitable for cooling only. The maximum temperature difference between the supply air and the room is –6 K.

The QLE series displacement ventilation diffusers are equipped with a perforated basket as a flow equalizer, which evenly distributes the supply air over the entire diffuser area. The perforated faceplate helps further even out the airflow. Air supply in one direction.

With displacement ventilation, i.e. air is supplied near the floor; exhaust devices should be installed in the upper part of the room, above the work area.

① Diffuser front panel
② Front panel fastening
③ Base
④ Housing
⑤ Perforated steel sheet basket
⑥ Connection

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