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The compact modular fan coil is designed for air treatment and is installed in a horizontal position behind a suspended ceiling. The fan coil can be equipped with a 2- or 4-pipe heat exchanger.

Compact unit with reduced height (235 mm)
The fan is equipped with an EC motor with reduced noise levels and minimal power consumption
Heat exchanger for 2- or 4-pipe system
Air flow from 500 to 1,300 m3/h
Performance up to 6.8 kW in cooling mode and 7.4 kW in heating mode
Air filter with G2 efficiency, removable from the rear or side of the unit
Air outlet for connection to the air duct
Ideal for installation in offices, hotels, retail and other premises

TFCU Series: Galvanized steel body, heat exchanger insulated with closed cell foam to avoid condensation on the heat exchanger surface

Heating and cooling heat exchanger with two-pipe (2) or four-pipe system (4)

Condensate tray

Made from flame retardant plastic (V0). Available with external thermal insulation

Other accessories

Various thermostats are provided: analog and digital (control signal 0-10V) with the ability to connect to a control system. Various sets of valves allow you to set the maximum water flow through the heat exchanger.

Materials and coating

Housing and connection made of galvanized steel with optional protective coating
Heat exchanger made of copper pipes with aluminum fins and side frames made of galvanized sheet steel
Filter frame made of galvanized sheet steel

Operating principle

The room air is sucked in by a fan through a filter. The fan then supplies air to the cooling or heating heat exchanger. Cooled or heated air is supplied to the room being served.


1 Filter

2 Top panel

3 Fan unit

4 Pipe for connection to the air duct

5 Condensate tray

6 Heat exchanger

7 Fan section cover

8 Terminal box

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