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Round plastic VAV regulators for regulating exhaust air containing aggressive components in laboratories and production areas

The body and flapper of the control valve are covered with fire-resistant polypropylene
Compact design with a length of only 400 mm
High control accuracy even when installed in unfavorable air flow conditions.
Combination with high speed drives (air management systems)
Air flow measurement with fairing or nozzle
Removable sensor tubes allow for easy cleaning
Damper tightness according to EN 1751, class 4
Housing tightness according to EN 1751 class C

Optional equipment

With flanges on both sides
Additional plastic silencer CAK Series to reduce noise generated by air flow


The VAV air flow regulator is equipped with an effective pressure sensor with a fairing or nozzle for measuring air flow.

Control components (accessories) include an effective pressure sensor, which converts the effective pressure into an electrical signal, a controller and an actuator. The controller compares the actual value with the setpoint and modifies the drive control signal if there is a difference between the two values.

  • Default setting value
  • Fume Hood Control

The airflow setpoint depends on the control strategy of the fume hood:

Air speed at cabinet inlet
Screen position
Combination of cabinet inlet air speed and screen position
Use of changeover contacts (2-position, 3-position)
Constant value

Air flow regulation

The air flow setpoint is determined by the external setpoint setting

① Venturi nozzle (optional)
② EASYLAB control component
③ Housing
④ Drive
⑤ Fairing and sensor tubes

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