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TVRK SERIES (For polluted air)

Round plastic VAV regulators for regulating air flow in systems with variable exhaust air flow, which contain aggressive components

The body and flapper of the control valve are covered with fire-resistant polypropylene
Removable differential pressure sensor allows for easy cleaning
For regulating air flow and pressure both in the room and in the air duct.
Electronic controllers (Universal and LABCONTROL) for various applications
Allowable ​air speed​ up to​ 13 m/s
Damper tightness according to EN 1751, class 3
Housing tightness according to EN 1751, class B

Optional equipment

With flanges on both sides
Counter flanges on both sides
Additional plastic silencer CAK Series to reduce noise generated by air flow


VAV air flow controllers are equipped with an effective pressure sensor to measure air flow.

The control component (accessories) includes an effective pressure transducer that converts the effective pressure into an electrical signal, a controller and an actuator; Control functions can be implemented using Easy or Compact controllers, as well as using individual components (Universal or LABCONTROL).

For most applications, the setpoint comes from the room temperature controller.

The controller compares the actual value with the setpoint and modifies the drive control signal if there is a difference between the two values.

Size 125 – 400 mm
Air flow range 20 – 1660 l/s or 70 – 5978 m³/h
Adjustable air flow range Approx. 12 – 100% of nominal flow
Minimum pressure drop Up to 62 Pa (without silencer)
Maximum pressure drop 1000 Pa
Operating temperature 10 – 50 °C

① Effective pressure sensor
② Housing
③ Drive
④ Shutter
⑤ Control component such as Universal controller

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