. Catalog Control systems EM-BAC-MOD-01


Wester_m 14.03.2024


EASYLAB expansion module for connecting fume hood controllers, indoor air parameter controllers, exhaust and supply air parameter controllers, adapter modules, as well as for connecting general and individual air flow controllers to the building engineering equipment control system

Switching between BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU
Standard BACnet Device Profile (Appendix L)
Modbus interface with individual data registers
Proprietary BACnet interface with expansion module integrated with EASYLAB components
Can be easily upgraded
Dual terminal blocks for connection to EIA-485 bus
The device’s network address and data transfer parameters can be set

Interface for connecting to a building management system

When used with a controller with room management function (RMF), the module also provides air measurement and is used, for example, to measure total flow or provide a general alarm signal
When used with one controller: alarm, air valve position, air flow measurement and other parameters
Centrally set default operating mode settings, such as night mode settings

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