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Slot diffusers with 50 mm slot size (nominal width) and adjustable guide rollers

Nominal length: 550, 1175 mm, 1 slot
Air flow level 10 – 70 l/s or 36 – 252 m³/h
Front panel made of extruded aluminum profile
For systems with variable and constant air flow
Installation in light dividing walls reinforced with metal structures 50 mm wide and 100 mm thick
Spring-clip front panel
Rapid equalization of temperatures and reduction of air flow speed is achieved due to the high level of ejection
Individual adjustment of the position of the guide drums if necessary

Additional equipment and accessories

The diffuser front panel can be painted in RAL CLASSIC colors
Damper blade for balancing air flow, regulation via the front panel


Slot diffusers direct air from the air conditioning system into the room horizontally or at an angle. The air flow obtained at the outlet of the diffuser allows one to achieve high ejection values, thereby quickly reducing the flow rate and leveling out the temperature difference between the supply air and the air in the room. As a result, there is a mixing of air flows in comfort zones, with a good distribution of air jets throughout the room and a small turbulent vortex in the area where people are present.

Slot diffusers of the VSD50-1-LT series have adjustable guide drums. The direction of air flow can be changed if necessary. The temperature difference between the supply air and the room can range from –10 to +10 K.

Flap blade (optional) to balance air flow simplifies operation.

To create an attractive, holistic room design, the VSD50-1-LT series diffusers can also be used for extract ventilation or supply/exhaust combinations.

Nominal length 550, 1175 mm

Number of slots 1

Min. air flow level 10, 25 l/s or 36, 90 m³/h

Max. air flow level, at LWA ≅ 50 dB(A) 35, 70 l/s or 126, 252 m³/h

Temperature difference between supply air and room –10 to +10K 

① Diffuser front panel
②Adjustable guide drums
③ End bracket
④ Soundproof plenum box
⑤ Internal sound insulation (reduces transition noise between rooms)
⑥ Connection
⑦ Hanging bracket
⑧ Seal
⑨ Flap valve for balancing air flow

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