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Round mechanical air flow regulators designed for installation in air ducts allow you to easily and quickly adjust the supply of a constant volume of air in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Unique damper blade for acoustic optimization
Simple and quick installation on site
Range of air flow volume setting values for each nominal size
The air flow scale allows you to accurately and easily set the required air flow
Highest accuracy among duct mounted controllers
Suitable for working with low ​air velocities​ from 0.8 m/s
Can be installed in any position; no maintenance required


The mechanical air flow limiter operates without an external power source. The valve flap on bearings with a low friction coefficient under the influence of aerodynamic force is set to a position that limits the air flow in accordance with the set value. Under the influence of the aerodynamic force of the air flow, the damper closes. Under the influence of this force, the inflatable compensator expands and acts as a vibration damper. The leaf spring countersacts the closing force of the valve. As a result, when the pressure changes, the valve flap is set by a spring to a position that allows the air flow to be limited.

Easy commissioning

An air flow limiter allows you to simplify the process of balancing air flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems, and also make it cheaper. Easy on-site installation and precise operation save valuable time. The required air flow is set at the installation site, then the regulator is installed in the air duct. Air flow will be limited and maintained within specified limits with minor deviations.

Standard sizes 80 – 250 mm

Air flow range 4 – 212 l/s or 14 – 764 m³/h

Range of required flow rates <20 – 100% of nominal air flow

Flow control accuracy Approx. ±10% of rated air flow

Minimum pressure drop 30 Pa

Maximum pressure drop 300 Pa

Working temperature 10 – 50°C

① Valve blade
② Inlet of inflatable compensator
③ Inflatable compensator
④ Shaft
⑤ Air flow scale

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